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Prezentări în cadrul unor conferinţe

Abstract trimis la 8th Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) – 7-9 Aprilie, Seattle, Washington, USA

Randomized Clinical Trial of a symptom management app for patients undergoing core needle breast biopsy

Background: Breast cancer is one the most common cancers among women. One of the frequently used diagnosis tools for breast cancer is Core Needle Biopsy. Although CNB is a reliable diagnostic tool, it is associated with side effects, such as pain and anxiety. As pharmacological treatments for these side effects are not offered in outpatients settings where CNB is performed, the patients are left with no solutions for their suffering. Previous research shows that there are evidence-based treatments for CNB-related pain and anxiety. However, outpatient CNB settings rarely have the resources to make such evidence-based treatments available for women undergoing breast biopsy. Smartphones provide an unprecedented opportunity to deliver evidence-based interventions while requiring less costs (e.g., facilities and trained personnel), and thus broadening the accessibility of treatment.

Aim: The overall goal of this Randomized Clinical Trial is to investigate the clinical efficacy of a smartphone app-based intervention for CNB-related pain and anxiety.

Methods: 114 women will be randomized to either CNB app-based symptom management (BIO-APP) or treatment as usual (TAU). The primary outcomes will be self-reported anxiety and pain levels (pain intensity and pain unpleasantness). Baseline, pre, post and follow-up information will be collected using electronic diaries and questionnaires included in the app.

Conclusions: The study will provide empirical evidence on the clinical efficacy of an app-based intervention for managing CNB-related pain and anxiety.

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Proiectul Studiu clinic controlat pentru investigarea eficientei unei aplicatii smartphone pentru managementul simptomelor biopsiei mamare: Bio h-app având codul PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0490 este finanţat de către Unitatea Executivă pentru Finanţarea Învăţământului Superior, a Cercetării, Dezvoltării şi Inovării (UEFISCDI).
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